Winning Home and Mortgage Selling Strategies

Mortgage Relationship Selling – Why people will power mortgages, not technology

Mortgage Relationship Selling – Mortgage tech works best when combined with old-school relationships There is something old-school that we often forget still drives the mortgage business: relationships. Even after spending the past 40-plus years involved in every aspect of the mortgage industry, from my first days as a loan officer, to running, growing and selling […]

Are Loan Officers better off buying Leads or building Realtor relationships?

    Mortgage Lead generation has been a booming business lately During the past few years, mortgage rates have hit historical lows which has led to a record volume of mortgage refinancing.  This, in turn, has allowed many new lead generation companies to enter the mortgage space.  You can buy leads in bulk from many […]

RatePlug integrates with OneHome from CoreLogic, Displaying Real-Time Mortgage Payment Information and Finance Options on Property Listings.

Irvine, CA., — RatePlug, a mortgage marketing platform, today announced the integration of the OneHome™ platform from CoreLogic®, a leading global property information, analytics and data-enabled solutions provider. The platform connects loan officers, agents and buyers within their platform. After a successful launch with Ohio-based MLS Now (formerly Yes-MLS) and North Carolina-based Canopy MLS, RatePlug is […]

How to partner with Real Estate Agents and receive more purchase loan referrals

5 Steps for Loan Officers to get more purchase loan business. Step 1:  Sign up for RatePlug A RatePlug license starts at $59 per month and is one of lowest cost solutions that allows you to partner with many Agents in a simple way.    There are 3 different packages to choose from that allow you […]

RatePlug Helps Sell Homes Faster

Agents using RatePlug sell homes faster and experience a 15% shorter timeframe from list to contract date Want to sell homes faster? Look at the data! A recent RatePlug study looked at 23,191 real estate transactions within 3 major metro areas (Timeframe for MLS Data used is from January 2015 through February 2016). The data was […]

How does RatePlug’s RESPA compliant co-marketing service work?

RatePlug has entered into agreements with various Multiple Listing Services. In these agreements, RatePlug licenses its software to the MLS. Each MLS can then sublicense RatePlug to the Realtor members (“Participating Realtors”). Among other features, the RatePlug RESPA compliant co-marketing mortgage software permits each Participating Realtor to integrate, on an online, real time basis, mortgage […]

Is RatePlug TRID Compliant?

With all the hype and media coverage over Zillow’s TILA-RESPA issues, you might be thinking the world will come crashing down on your agent co-marketing programs. These regulations were created to bring clarity to consumers and promote compliance with existing TILA and RESPA laws. Zillow’s recent problems have caused a lot of anxiety within the […]

What are agent/lender co-marketing programs?

How is RatePlug’s co-marketing compliance different? Co-marketing programs are a shared advertising agreement between agents and lenders to collaborate on promotional efforts for a co-branded offer. In a co-marketing partnership, both companies promote a piece of content or product, and share the results of that promotion. Co-marketing campaigns are designed to deliver more leads, buzz, and […]

Real estate agent co-marketing compliance

Concerned about Co-Marketing Compliance? Agent co-marketing agreements between mortgage companies and real estate brokerages are a hot topic. Recently the CPFB brought down the hammer on Zillow for alleged violation of anti-kickback and deceptive practices governed by Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) and the Consumer Financial Protection Act. RESPA prohibits lenders and real estate […]

Make Sure You Are Seeing Our Alerts

Are You Seeing the Important Alerts on Your Agents? We have had a few members tell us they did not get an alert or email from us. What we discovered after investigating was that the member’s email account, or company firewall, was blocking emails from RatePlug thinking were spam of some sort. Make sure to […]

Mortgage affordability – the first step to Buying a Home: Get a Mortgage Approval

Help Home Buyers Understand Mortgage Affordability In today’s regulation-heavy marketplace it has become more and more difficult for consumers to secure a mortgage. According to NAR’s Home Buyers and Sellers Survey, nearly 9 out of 10 homebuyers are financing their home with a mortgage. Nearly 100% of all first time homebuyers finance their home purchase […]

What kind of comarketing record keeping is necessary?

Co-marketing record keeping requires that lenders keep records of all advertising for up to 6 years. The following information about co-marketing must be retained: How the cost will be split (50/50, 75/25, etc.) Where the piece will be distributed geographically (city, state is usually okay) When the piece will be distributed (month/s and year) How […]

Staying mortgage advertising compliant in an ever changing landscape

How are you staying mortgage advertising compliant? Over 175,000 agents and their lending partners rely on RatePlug to keep them compliant when sharing property and lending information with their clients. Mortgage industry regulation is nothing new. The Truth in lending Act (TILA) was implemented in 1969. The housing bubble that burst in 2008 and 2009 […]

Three Types of Open House Real Estate Flyers

There is no shortage of downloadable open house real estate flyers that lenders and real estate agents can use. Some are basic and free, others look professional and include fill in the blank features, but cost money. Regardless of whether or not you are marketing a single property or multiple properties with open house flyers […]

Do trusted lenders help you close faster?

The answer is YES – the right mortgage lender recommendation will improve borrower satisfaction. Trusted lenders will help you close faster and protect your commissions. When homebuyers are referred to a mortgage lender by their real estate agent, they are actually more satisfied than homebuyers that use their owner lender.  According to the National Borrower Satisfaction Index from […]

Agent-referred mortgage lenders help you close faster

The right mortgage lender recommendation can drastically improve borrower satisfaction How well do homebuyers fare when they are referred to a mortgage lender by their real estate agents? According to research, much better than on their own. According to the National Borrower Satisfaction Index from consulting firm Stratmor Group, buyers who followed their agent’s recommendation […]

Are RatePlug’s Property Flyers RESPA Compliant?

RatePlug has assembled a list of questions we receive about property listing flyers and RESPA compliance. RESPA stands for the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act. QUESTION:  A homeowner’s insurance company gives a real estate broker marketing materials, such as desk calendars, pens, and notepads, all of which promote the homeowner’s insurance company’s name. Is this […]

How does a RESPA compliant co-marketing program work?

When RESPA compliant co-marketing programs work, they can pay big dividends for both the lender and agent. Frequent communication and a clear understanding of the co-marketing partnership as a whole ensures the ability to set the appropriate business expectations. With the proper co-marketing program in place, two or more parties can work on a project […]

How to Qualify for a Mortgage Relationship Rate

What is a Mortgage Relationship Rate? A relationship rate is typically offered to existing customers as a way to keep your business with the lender. To give you an incentive the lender may offer a lower interest rate and/or assist in paying part of the closing costs. Hopefully, you are in good standing with the […]

Strategies for Creating Effective Open House Property Listing Flyers

What are the best practices for choosing and creating an effective open house flyer or a property listing flyer for your real estate agents? With the glut of free downloadable templates available to lenders and real estate agents online, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by choices. Do you pay for professional flyers? How do you […]

FAQ: How does RatePlug work for Lenders?

1) What is RatePlug? RatePlug is the leading mortgage marketing platform and the only MLS integrated technology platform that connects agents, home buyers, and loan originators. Originators become directly integrated within the local MLS. RatePlug connects originators via their agent relationships with every property listed in the MLS. When agents connect with lenders to participate […]

Total cost of home ownership – Taxes, HOA, Insurance

Taxes, HOA & Insurance are all part of the total cost of home ownership Most consumers think about their spending on a monthly basis…My car payment is $240 per month, my mobile phone costs me $99 per month and my mortgage cost $1,400 per month. What are you paying when you are paying your Mortgage? What is […]

Compliance for open house flyers

Open House Flyers – 4 compliance considerations When it comes to creating an open house flyer, lenders need to take extra precautions when creating their own or downloading free templates from the internet. Not only are these templates generally not validated by compliance, you run the risk of compliance issues if you don’t use the proper […]

Mortgage lead generation report: Chase + Google Findings

A new mortgage lead generation report from Google + Chase Bank brings clarity to homebuyer searches and helps lenders better understand what buyers want and need AND how to capitalize on search trends for mortgage marketing. If you are a loan originator, how do you get in the mind of the homebuyer when they’re looking for […]

The Evolving Role of the MLS in Mortgage Lead Generation

Mortgage Marketing and Lead Generation on the MLS Lenders Now Using the MLS for Mortgage Lead Generation In today’s regulation-heavy marketplace, interest rates and mortgage rates continue to increase, and as a result it has become increasingly difficult for buyers to secure a mortgage. MLS networks, the de facto collaboration platform and standard for real […]

RatePlug Launches New CRA Program to Facilitate Community Lending Compliance for Banks and Lenders

RatePlug, a leading provider of lending technology solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its groundbreaking Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Program. This data-driven solution aims to assist banks and lenders in meeting their community lending requirements more effectively and efficiently, while fostering positive socioeconomic growth in underserved communities. The CRA Program developed by RatePlug […]

How do I improve Agent Co-Marketing ROI?

Improving Agent Co-Marketing ROI with RatePlugs Co-Marketing Property Flyers and Compliance with RESPA-TILA and FTC MAP? When it comes to agent co-marketing with real estate flyers and brochures, it’s best not to cut corners. While there are several free and downloadable templates for flyers and brochures on the market, many fail to meet regulation standards […]

Open House Custom Property Flyers – Compliance Built-In

RatePlug’s Open House Flyer & Custom Property Flyer System– Compliance Built-In Unlike downloadable property flyers and brochures which are time consuming to create and carry a number of compliance risks, now you can generate real estate property flyer templates dynamically from each MLS listing in <1 minute using RatePlug’s new fully-compliant real estate open house custom […]

Agents: Why Pay for Real Estate Property Flyers?

When you enroll with RatePlug, you can create custom real estate property flyers – no credit card needed – as part of your current MLS membership. Imagine being able pre-qualify new buyers directly from the MLS…before you spend time showing them properties they can’t afford. With RatePlug’s affordability information embedded in your MLS listings, the […]

How do I get my agents to participate in RatePlug?

We are pleased to announce a new feature for RatePlug users! In an effort to cut back on paper forms and expedite the process of getting agents affiliated to your account more efficiently, we have built a new electronic invitation. Now you can get your agents to participate in RatePlug with you through a simple […]

Lenders – are you creating property listing flyers through the MLS?

Lenders – open house flyer and real estate property listing flyers from the MLS! Real estate property listing flyers are an integral part of promoting your relationship with real estate agents, but you shouldn’t have to overpay – or worse – risk compliance oversights just to generate them.  Many services tout free templates that are […]

Before you hand out open-house flyers

Here are the 4 Things You Need to Know Before Handing Out an Open-House Flyer An open-house qualifies as an advertisement. A real estate property flyer—even if it’s just an open house flyer— is not exempt from CFPB and RESPA compliance rules. Make sure you follow all rules and regulations as outlined by CFPB and […]

Bookmark Your RatePlug Dashboard

View Your RatePlug Dashboard With Your Morning Coffee! Logging into your RatePlug dashboard everyday as a habit will really improve your Realtor relations game plan! Log into your dashboard at then bookmark the page to your web browser. With one click every morning you can see your Agent’s new listings, open houses and other […]

Are custom real estate property flyers included with my MLS membership?

Do I need to keep paying for custom real estate property fliers? When you enroll with RatePlug, you can ask your lenders to create an open house flyer for you or create custom real estate property flyers – no credit card needed – as part of your current MLS membership. With custom real estate property flyers […]

Custom Real Estate Property Flyers

There is no doubt that a custom open house flyer (also known as real estate property flyers) will help you promote your listings to buyers. In fact, custom real estate property flyers are an essential part of promoting your rates through trusted agents. However, spending time with desktop publishing equipment takes time – and a […]

Homebuyers Want Local Real Estate Agents

Homebuyers choose local real estate agents – increasing the power of the local MLS Since the internet emerged to change the Real Estate industry, there have been countless theories that the role of local agents would be diminished over time. But while over 90% of homebuyers use the internet to look for a home, the […]

Free real estate listing flyers: What’s the risk?

An open house flyer and other custom real estate property listing flyers help you promote your listing and rates to prospective homebuyers. Before you download that free template from the internet, fill in the blanks, and print it out with the intention of passing it off at your next open-house, keep this in mind: When […]

Does the Mortgage Originator Pay for RatePlug’s MLS mortgage marketing software?

RatePlug assesses each Mortgage Originator that participates in our Program a fixed annual license fee that grants them a license to use the Mortgage Marketing Software, among other things. The amount of the annual fee will not vary based the number or volume of residential mortgage loans facilitated by the Software. In consideration of the […]

Why Special Loan Options are So Important to Home Affordability

Buying a home is a major financial decision, and for many people, it’s the biggest investment they’ll ever make. However, with rising home prices and a competitive real estate market, it can be challenging to find a home that’s both affordable and meets your needs. That’s where special purchase loan options come in, which can […]

The best mortgage leads? Homebuyer exposure on the MLS

First, why does an agent partner with a new lender? Success in the real estate industry is built on trusted relationships. Agents considering a new lender relationship do so for one reason – to close transactions faster by making sure the buyer will qualify for financing. So…how are you going to help your agents close deals faster? […]

How 2023 is Trending for Real Estate

It seems like the cost of just about everything is going up. Gas, groceries, even blue checkmarks next to your social media profile! How is this affecting the real estate market? If you are thinking about dipping your toe into the turbulent waters of the home market, you can benefit from keeping an eye out […]

Mortgage Marketing: How can I increase first time buyer mortgage leads?

How can I increase first time buyer mortgage leads? A new mortgage lead generation report from Google + Chase Bank shows that first-time homebuyer searches is higher than it has ever been. So far in 2017, first-time homebuyers represent 44% of Google searches in the mortgage category, up 11% from last year. As a result, […]

Mortgage Marketing FAQ: How can I get more millennial mortgage leads?

Want more millennial mortgage leads? According to a recent report from Google + Chase Bank, first-time homebuyers now represent 44% of Google searches in the mortgage category, up 11% from last year. The vast majority of these first time buyers are millenials. Now in the financial position to make a decision about when and where […]

Mortgage Marketing FAQ – How can I increase VA mortgage leads?

Want more VA mortgage leads? A VA loan is a mortgage loan in the United States guaranteed by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The loan may be issued by qualified lenders. The VA loan was designed to offer long-term financing to eligible American veterans or their surviving spouses (provided they do not […]

How do I find USDA mortgage leads?

Looking for USDA mortgage leads? A USDA home loan is a zero down payment mortgage for eligible rural and suburban homebuyers. USDA loans are issued through the USDA loan program, also known as the USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Housing Loan Program, by the United States Department of Agriculture. On October 1st, 2016, the USDA Upfront […]

Should I buy mortgage marketing leads?

Before you buy mortgage marketing leads, be sure you are focusing on targeted mortgage leads, and make sure you understand the best practices for mortgage marketing. Here are a number of tactics you can employ to increase your mortgage lead generation without spending a penny on purchased leads: Research audience searches Start putting yourself in the […]

What Should I Know About Mortgage Lead Generation Compliance?

The regulatory environment within the real estate industry is changing fast, and mortgage professionals must be on top of the changing laws. Mortgage companies and loan officers often augment their marketing efforts through mortgage lead purchasing. Loan originators must be aware of the regulatory implications of these types of lead generation activities. The number of […]

Mortgage Marketing – Should I buy mortgage leads?

Should you buy mortgage leads? As every LO is aware, success in the mortgage industry is predicated on increasing customer exposure to get more mortgage leads. If you are trying to increase your sales by buying real estate leads, you need to learn what to expect. A sale is not guaranteed even after you purchase […]

Mortgage Marketing – How Do I Get More Mortgage Leads?

When it comes to generating more mortgage leads, there are a number of tricks and tips to keep in mind, but they all come back to one main objective: how do you market yourself while growing your business? This is the mortgage marketing X-factor. If LO’s want consistent mortgage lead generation they need to think […]

Clarification on Special Financing Alerts

How does RatePlug determine a property’s eligibility for special financing? We had fantastic response to the new alert we began sending to participating Agents when one of their listed properties may be eligible for a special financing program (FHA, VA, USDA, CRA). Agents love this information because special financing opens up an agent’s listings to […]

New Alert for your Agent’s listings

Help Your Agents Reach More Buyers! Great news! RatePlug will begin sending participating Agents an alert when one of their properties, listed in the MLS system, may be eligible for a special financing program. This is a perfect opportunity for you to create a property flyer highlighting the special financing opportunity along with your other […]

Focus on the Debt-to-Income Ratio During the Home Search

What is the Debt-to-Income Ratio? For home buyers, the “debt-to-income ratio” or “DTI ratio”, is one of the most critical parts of the mortgage loan application. DTI is the number one method by which a bank or lender can measure buyer viability and determine their ability to repay a loan. By dividing the home buyer’s monthly […]

Mortgage Denied! Top 4 Reasons a Mortgage Gets Denied

The top 4 reasons a mortgage gets denied If you’re thinking of buying a home, step one is to obtain financing. And, for the vast majority of us, that means getting pre-approved for a loan and understanding what size loan you might be eligible for, aka the most realistic price range for your new home. Tools […]

Mortgage Lenders and the Psychology Behind Home Buyer Behavior

When thinking about home buyer behavior, there’s a lot of research from other industries that can help accelerate buying decisions and fuel mortgage marketing success. Whether it’s a $799 computer or a $500,000 home, the price of any good or service (or even a mortgage) is driven by one common thread: the psychology of consumption. […]

RatePlug Usage Tip – Talk it up!

Create a team mentality with your Agents You have partnered with your Agents to help their homebuyers with home affordability using RatePlug displays and flyers through our automated system. You are actively responding to the automated activity alerts that you receive regarding your Agents new listings and open houses. Automation is great, but our system […]

RatePlug Usage Tip- Special Finance Opportunities

Introduce your Agent to a new pool of buyers! Your RatePlug membership provides you unique insight into the properties your Agent lists within the MLS. Knowing if a property qualifies for special financing can introduce a new pool of potential homebuyers due to lower down payment or less restrictive underwriting requirements. RatePlug not only gives […]

RatePlug Usage Tip- New Features in the works

Coming Soon! We continue to work diligently to improve our product offering to the tens of thousands of Agents, Lenders and homebuyers using our technology every day. We have some new partnerships and product enhancements that will be going into production over the next quarter. We will send out more detailed information on each one […]

How can I increase VA loan volume?

Q. Want to increase VA loan volume? A. With the average loan amount at $253,000, the 2016 VA lending volume hit $179.1 billion — with a majority of the growth coming from purchase loans (as opposed to refinancing). VA Loans are easier to obtain because they are government backed, and do not require private mortgage […]

MLS for Lenders – As a lender, how can I use the MLS?

Q. Is there an MLS for Lenders? A. When it comes to interaction within the MLS, mortgage lenders are not necessarily involved with the process, nor do they always understand the power this technology can provide to their business. In fact, most lenders completely overlook the MLS because it is, after all, a tool for […]

What is RatePlug?

Q. What is RatePlug and what can RatePlug do for me? A. RatePlug is the most comprehensive and affordable home purchase finance opportunity generator for lenders. Ask any successful LO, and they’ll tell you: “no other marketing platform is as affordable or generates as many new mortgage opportunities as RatePlug.” In fact, in 2016, RatePlug […]

What is the price for RatePlug?

Q. What is the price of RatePlug?  Can you afford RatePlug? A. The best way to market to active buyers is via the MLS. With RatePlug – the leading mortgage marketing platform – your picture, logo, and contact information are right there in the property description the buyers have as they tour the property. It’s like you’re […]

RatePlug Usage Tip- Posting Listings on Social Media

Give your Agent’s listings a boost! Your RatePlug membership provides you the opportunity to help promote your Agent’s listings on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Not only would you be helping your Agent’s share their listings with potential buyers, but you benefit by being prominently displayed on the posts as well! Use the […]

How does RatePlug work?

RatePlug is a complete home loan marketing platform that helps you generate more opportunities direct from your agent’s MLS listings. In 2016, RatePlug displayed loan rates on more than 115 million MLS property listings. The best way to market is via the MLS. With RatePlug, your picture, logo, and contact information are right there in the property description […]

Help Me Understand RatePlug’s New Home Finance Lead Quality

Q. I’ve heard that RatePlug has the best method for generating new mortgage leads in the industry. Can you tell me more about RatePlug’s home finance lead quality? A. According to Realtor Magazine, 74% of homebuyers consider the mortgage company referred by their agent. When your current rates are available within the MLS listing, it’s […]

Qualify your lender: Why agents need to help buyers turn the table

Qualify your lender first! You turn on the television and there’s another mortgage ad from a big-budgeted national mortgage company telling consumers they only need to push a button to get a home loan. That might be a great message for a homeowner considering a refinance, but if a homebuyer seeks a loan from an […]

Tips to maximize your RatePlug subscription

Q. I’m new to the mortgage industry, how do I maximize my RatePlug subscription? A. RatePlug is committed to working with the highest quality lenders that are excited about generating new business. If you’d like help deciding if you are a good fit for RatePlug’s Loan Officer Co-Marketing, Advertising, Listing Promotion, Flyer System and Referral […]

4 Reasons Why Real Estate Market will be Hot This Spring

If you’re hoping for this year to be one of your best as a Real Estate professional, the tea leaves are calling your name this spring! Here are four reasons why this is the perfect time to focus on purchase loan volume. 1. Buyer demand is very high. Buyers are very active in the market […]

How Lenders Can Leverage the MLS to Replace Lost REFI Business and Generate More New Home Finance Opportunities

Interacting Within the MLS to Increase Your New Home Finance Opportunities When it comes to driving more leads and generating more new home finance opportunities, technology isn’t a silver bullet. Relationships and people are the keys to more business. But understanding all the available technology and knowing to leverage it can be the first step in […]

RatePlug Usage Tip – Reacting to Alerts

Be Proactive with your Agents! Your RatePlug membership provides you unique insight into your Agent’s MLS activity and a perfect opportunity to engage. You receive email notification for each of these activities*: Listing of a new home Scheduling of an open house Execution of a sales contract on home Weekly update on property reports you […]

Mortgage Lender Sales Strategies For Increasing VA Loan Volume

Mortgage Lender Sales Strategies – Identify VA Eligible Properties Faster Mortgage lenders need every advantage in this ever-changing market, and special financing loans can provide that edge. One fast-growing segment in the mortgage industry is the number of loans backed by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). In 2016 alone, there were 707,000 VA […]

How to use RatePlug Features

Need a Refresher? Looking to brush up on how to use a particular RatePlug feature? Good news! RatePlug has added new training PDFs to your member support/training tab. Now you can access easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for each of the following topics: Account Setup Setting up your programs and rates Partnering/Inviting Agents Agent Activity […]

Six Tips For LOs To Improve Their Mortgage Marketing and Selling Effectiveness

Six Tips For LOs to Improve Their Mortgage Marketing and Selling Effectiveness Every loan originator has one obvious, common goal: growing leads and their business. But not every LO has the right strategy to turn that goal into a reality. That’s why, when proactively thinking about growing your customer base, or generating leads, you need […]

New RatePlug Flyer Templates Added

More Options, Easier to use! We have added 2 new flyer layouts to our template collection. We have also added a new thumbnail of each template so you can see the layout before you select. Look for “Multiple Photos (up to 7)- New 2″ and “ “Multiple Photos (up to 7) – New 3″ Make […]

New RatePlug Open House Reminder Alert

Be Your Agent’s Hero! You will now receive a weekly email reminding you of all the open house events scheduled by your participating agents for the upcoming weekend. You will still receive notification for each individual event when scheduled, but this is a great way to get ready for the weekend. Make sure to be […]

How Loan Originators Can Grow Their Agent Referral Footprint

Loan Originator Best Practices – Grow Your Agent Referral Footprint The mortgage tides are turning in 2017, and the loan origination market is growing increasingly competitive. For any LO wading this challenging market, making agent and broker connections is key to churning up new business to rebalance their portfolio and growing their agent referral footprint. After […]

Agent Referrals – How to build strong referral relationships with agents

Getting Agent Referrals – Best Real Estate Industry Practices for LOs Similar to the challenges brokers and agents face, staying relevant and connected with the right buyer pool is an ongoing challenge for any loan officer in the housing mortgage market. Each sector of real estate is distinct from one another in how it operates, […]

Close Faster – How Real Estate Agents Can Be Better At Their Job

Close Faster – How Agents Can Gain An Edge In A Competitive Field Although the real estate industry is changing rapidly, there is still one fact that rings true in this ever-competitive market: home buyers stay local when interacting with a real estate agent. This simple fact helps agents close faster. Data shows that despite […]

Close More New Purchase Finance Business – How Mortgage Lenders Can Be Better At Their Job

Want to close more new purchase finance business? Here’s how to set yourself apart in the competitive mortgage lender industry: It’s the multi-million-dollar question every originator wants to know – How can I set myself apart in an increasingly competitive market? How can I close more new purchase finance business? Of course, there’s no magic, […]

What a Fed Rate Increase Could Mean For Mortgage Rates

Inside the 10-Year Treasury Bond Rate, Mortgage Rate Correlation With a probable Fed rate increase looming, investors across many markets are crunching numbers and tossing out their analysis of what the increase will mean as 2023 hits. What typically happens when interest rates increase is there is a simultaneous increase in demand for short-term bonds. […]

The importance of building a customer retention program to create loyal customers for life

Customer retention, simply put, is how many customers continue to use your services over a period of time. Subscription-based services can keep track of this metric much more easily than businesses such as the mortgage industry where customer transactions are usually separated by long periods of time. The importance of retaining customers is quite simple. […]

What will grow during Spring market? Interest rates and home prices.

With the spring market looming, rising interest rates and continued high home prices are creating some friction to the process of buying a home. While home pricing is expected to continue to rise this year, expectations are that the pace will drop, but not to the level needed to sway the seller’s advantage to the […]

Special Finance Options Create a Larger Pool of Buyers for Listings

Buying a home for the first time is a major step in one’s life. It can be very rewarding yet terrifying because many people face significant financial obstacles that need to be addressed. Accumulating a down payment, applying, and then getting approved for financing, and knowing the various ins and outs of closing costs make it a […]

Millennials Are on the Move

Millennials (ages 25-40) now account for over half of home purchases. Perhaps lenders and Agents should take a closer look at this opportunity to grow their purchase business.  A recent WSJ article stated that millennials now account for a large percentage of home purchases in the U.S. These stats dispel belief that the millennial generally […]

Experts Predict 2022 Home Sales Will Outpace Any Year Since 2006

2022 should be a banner year for home sales, according to experts! According to Zillow, a leading online marketplace company, the home sales market is expecting an 11% increase in home values next year which would be the most productive year for sales since the industry went bottom up in the mid to late 2000’s. […]

Total Expert Announces RatePlug Integration to Supercharge Loan Officer and Agent Partnerships

Loan officers can access RatePlug insights within Total Expert to collaborate with agents, connect with borrowers, and personalize communications MINNEAPOLIS, July 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Total Expert, the customer experience platform purpose-built for modern financial institutions, today announced the integration of RatePlug, a mortgage marketing platform that connects loan officers and agents directly within their local […]

RatePlug Expands Market Reach into New York Metro Area Through Formation of OneKey MLS

Naperville, IL (Chicagoland) – March 8, 2021 – RatePlug has expanded its market reach in the New York metro area. Over 40,000 REALTOR subscribers and their homebuyers now have access to RatePlug’s powerful mortgage affordability tool through OneKey MLS, a new regional Multiple Listing Service (MLS) formed by the Long Island Board of REALTORS (LIBOR) […]

New RatePlug Virtual Flyer Template Offers a Hi-tech Solution to Promote Properties

April 28, 2020 (Chicago, IL) RatePlug LLC, – The leading mortgage marketing platform – added a new Virtual Property Flyer (VPF) template to their menu of marketing tools for agents and loan officers using the RatePlug Program. Unlike other flyer systems, which are time consuming to utilize and create several compliance risks, the new RatePlug […]

RatePlug Integrates with Optimal Blue’s Scenario Pricing API to Improve Purchase Loan Transparency

Integration Modernizes MLS Property Specific Listings with Accurate, Compliant Pricing PLANO, TX (MAY 1, 2019) – Optimal Blue, the leading provider of secondary marketing automation and services in the mortgage industry, announced today the integration certification of RatePlug. Through direct integration with Optimal Blue’s real-time product eligibility and pricing API, RatePlug’s proprietary mortgage marketing platform […]

RatePlug announces updated real estate property flyer templates

RatePlug adds enhanced real estate property flyer templates and functionality to more than 70 MLS networks November 12, 2018 (Chicago, IL) RatePlug LLC., – the leading mortgage marketing platform – today announced the availability of new open house flyer (real estate property flyer templates) for agents through the RatePlug Agent Dashboard – now available in […]

What Changing Economic Conditions Means For Special Housing Financing Programs

Potential Changes Ahead For FHA, VA and USDA Loans From all the reports the past few months about mortgage rates, the U.S. real estate market has reached what’s been called a “new era” of mortgage rates. A Housing Wire report suggests that low interest rates are the “new normal” and should eventually bring a “coming […]

GEMLS® gives agents powerful new mortgage affordability tool

Agents using RatePlug technology report faster sales cycle, provide better data to buyers Naperville, IL (Chicagoland) – January 24, 2017 – For the first time, agents and homebuyers will have access to a powerful new mortgage affordability tool through Golden Empire MLS (GEMLS)– their local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) – total monthly housing payments for […]

Agent Dashboard – Real Estate Agents Close More Transactions When Special Finance Options Are Offered

CHICAGO IL. DEC. 6, 2016 RatePlug LLC, announced the deployment of a powerful new capability that proactively identifies property listings that qualify for special financing such as FHA, VA, and USDA, within the Midwest Real Estate Data LLC (MRED) MLS. When special financing is available to buyers, reduced down payment and credit requirements are often […]

USDA Loan Program Upfront Fee Reduction

USDA Loan Program Fee Reductions On October 1st, 2016 the USDA Upfront Fee decreases from 2.75% to 1.00%. This means it will cost less to take advantage of this mortgage program that allows 100% financing for approved households in eligible rural areas. This government sponsored housing guaranteed program allows for no money down (0% down […]

RatePlug and MetroList Give Agents Powerful New Mortgage Affordability Tool

RatePlug and Metrolist – Agents using RatePlug technology report faster sales cycle, provide better data to buyers Naperville, IL (Chicagoland) – August 24, 2016 – For the first time, MetroList agents and homebuyers will be able to view on MetroList – their local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) – total monthly housing payments for every property […]

MLSListings Offers RatePlug’s New Mortgage Technology to California Brokers & Agents

Calculate Home Buyer Affordability, Strengthens Agent-Lender Relationships WASHINGTON, DC–(Marketwired – May 10, 2016) – MLSListings, the premier multiple listing service to real estate professionals in Silicon Valley and the northern California region, is now making RatePlug’s new mortgage technology available to more than 15,000 real estate professionals and their clients. RatePlug helps home buyers better understand […]

Sell more homes with MRED and Rate Plug – special financing locator

Sell more homes – Chicagoland MLS Giant Introduces “FHA Eligibility Indicators” to its MLS System LISLE, ILLINOIS (May 1, 2015) – Midwest Real Estate Data (MRED), Chicagoland’s multiple listing service (MLS), announced it has introduced a new tool to help its real estate professionals sell more homes and provide greater service to the consumer. When FHA […]