Mortgage Marketing FAQ: How can I get more millennial mortgage leads?

Want more millennial mortgage leads?

According to a recent report from Google + Chase Bank, first-time homebuyers now represent 44% of Google searches in the mortgage category, up 11% from last year. The vast majority of these first time buyers are millenials. Now in the financial position to make a decision about when and where to settle down, millennials represent the largest pool of potential homeowners available. But in order to reach them effectively and garner more viable millennial mortgage leads, you must think like a millennial.

Improve Mortgage Marketing – Increase Millennial Mortgage Leads on the MLS

The millennial is skeptical of traditional sales messaging. This doesn’t mean they are a tougher lead to acquire. You can instill confidence in this demographic by broadcasting accurate and helpful mortgage information on the MLS. Although not formally recognized as an advertising network, RatePlug’s – the leading mortgage marketing platform – direct integration into more than 60 MLS networks gives RatePlug connected lenders the ability to connect with more than 800,000 real estate agents and their homebuyers – far more than any other advertising platform available. Let the prospect learn at their own pace and answer their most pressing questions as they are shopping and working with an agent.

As a mortgage marketing platform, RatePlug brings mortgage transparency to the home buying process, helping buyers better understand affordability issues at the very beginning of the home searching process. Additionally, it helps consumers “buy local,” as local lender data is provided by mortgage providers. RatePlug has become the nation’s leading mortgage technology integrated into the MLS, and is now available to more than 60 percent of all real estate agents and brokers in the U.S. – or nearly 750,000 REALTORS® nationwide.

Speed Up the Closing Process  

Speed and reliability is of critical importance to millennials. They expect an online process that works seamlessly every time. Online applications, documentation management, and dashboards with affordability estimates can boost efficiency in the homebuying process. When originators are connected with lenders on the MLS listings, you help the home buyer better understand affordability. With RatePlug, agents see a 15% decrease in time from “contact to contract.