For Loan Originators

Display your property specific, mortgage payment information within MLS Buyer and Listing reports. Receive proactive MLS-driven alerts (new listing, open house, under contract). Generate co-branded flyers and marketing content in less than 60 seconds.


For Real Estate Agents

Included as part of your MLS membership dues. Co-market with your loan originators to close deals faster, better qualify home buyers and automate the management of your lender relationships.


For Corporate Lenders

Created for purchase-focused lenders that want a 100% compliant solution that provides increased control and an expanded marketing reach, RatePlug offers unique capabilities for driving new home purchase opportunities. Fully RESPA-TILA, FTC-MAP and TRID compliant.

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What is RatePlug?

RatePlug is the most comprehensive and affordable purchase loan opportunity generator for lenders.
Ask any successful LO, and they’ll tell you:

No other marketing platform is as affordable or generates as many home purchase finance opportunities as RatePlug.

Last year, RatePlug was used by 5.3 million homebuyers and displayed on more than 120 million property report views.  With the broadest direct MLS integrated reach in the industry, RatePlug is far more than a calculator, advertising app, or a flyer system – RatePlug helps lenders supercharge their opportunity engine and close more loans. Your agents love it, and they’ll love you too.

Create more opportunities and close more loans. Lenders subscribe today.

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