New Alert for your Agent’s listings

Help Your Agents Reach More Buyers!

Great news! RatePlug will begin sending participating Agents an alert when one of their properties, listed in the MLS system, may be eligible for a special financing program. This is a perfect opportunity for you to create a property flyer highlighting the special financing opportunity along with your other mortgage products. Special financing programs may open up an agent’s listings to a broader pool of buyers due to lower down payment options and relaxed underwriting guidelines. Special financing alerts may include*:

FHA loan limit eligible (3.5% down payment)

VA loan limit eligible (0% down payment)

USDA property location eligible

CRA property location eligible

* If you don’t offer one of the above programs, you can counsel your Agent on a program that you do offer that fits the same purpose. We offer this data as a contracted service to the MLS and their member Agents.

Of course, the call to action will be for the Agent to work with you to provide the information to their potential homebuyers.

You can always see which of your Agent’s listings are eligible by logging into your account and viewing your Agent’s dashboards. Training support information is always available to you when you log into your account and click on the support link in the upper right-hand corner. Log into your account here.