Open House Custom Property Flyers – Compliance Built-In

RatePlug’s Open House Flyer & Custom Property Flyer System– Compliance Built-In

Unlike downloadable property flyers and brochures which are time consuming to create and carry a number of compliance risks, now you can generate real estate property flyer templates dynamically from each MLS listing in <1 minute using RatePlug’s new fully-compliant real estate open house custom property flyers. Agents can request custom property flyers through their RatePlug Agent Dashboard – in less than a minute, the lender can generate a flyer that is fully compliant. The Rateplug Property Flyer System is available in more than 60 MLS networks. A list of participating MLS networks is available here.

Open House Custom Property Flyers – Why Compliance Matters

It’s important to take extra precautions when dealing with free downloadable open house and property flyer templates. Real estate open house custom property flyers are not exempt from CFPB compliance rules or your state’s written guidelines for real estate advertising. An advertisement is any written or oral statement or communication which induces or attempts to induce a member of the public to use the services of the real estate licensee.

Often times when you elect to download a free real estate template, you open up the risk of breaking one or more of these compliance rules. To help in this manner, we’ve compiled a list of  real estate compliance guidelines when creating one your own templates. There is no shortage of free property flyer templates out on the web, meaning you’re going to be held responsible to be aware of compliance rules and regulations.

Instead of devoting time, thought and staff resources to create a custom open house template from scratch and increase your risk of a compliance violation, opt for a custom open house property flyers that can be dynamically built from the MLS using a fully-compliant system. For example, RatePlug’s open house custom property flyers are generated straight from the MLS, so you can highlight property features and embed affordability information while remaining fully compliant through a validated system.