Before you hand out open-house flyers

Here are the 4 Things You Need to Know Before Handing Out an Open-House Flyer

Lenders across the United States have provided their Agents with more than 20,000 flyers a month when using RatePlug. It’s also estimated that  Homebuyers spend up to 6 minutes more viewing an MLS listing featuring RatePlug than one without.

About RatePlug

Founded in 2003, RatePlug has become the nation’s leading mortgage marketing software – it is integrated into more than 60 MLS networks and is now available to more than 60 percent of all real estate agents and brokers in the U.S. – nearly 750,000 REALTORS® nationwide. RatePlugs property flyer system and other features RatePlug educates buyers about affordability by providing crucial mortgage information at the beginning of their home search and helps home buyers “buy local,” connecting them to local agents and loan officers.  RatePlug is 100% RESPA compliant.