Lenders – are you creating property listing flyers through the MLS?

Lenders – open house flyer and real estate property listing flyers from the MLS!

Real estate property listing flyers are an integral part of promoting your relationship with real estate agents, but you shouldn’t have to overpay – or worse – risk compliance oversights just to generate them.  Many services tout free templates that are simple to customize and edit – but then ask you to add your own photos, details, contact information, disclosures and more. Why go through the time and trouble to enter everything, print them, when you can generate them dynamically straight from your agents’ MLS listings? In fact, the MLS is probably the most overlooked mortgage marketing platform for lenders.

Lenders – open house flyer system and real estate property listing flyers

The RatePlug real estate open house property flyer system is available when you connect with your trusted agents – recommendations from trusted agents are more valuable than gold. RatePlug enables you to co-market your services with your trusted agents to close deals faster and better qualify home buyers to make sure they get a home they can afford BEFORE you waste time with an unqualified application.

RatePlug’s Real Estate Property Flyer System displays live lending information within the Agent’s MLS property listing information. The mortgage information on the flyers includes real-time mortgage payments specific to that property including the mortgage payment, real estate taxes, homeowner’s insurance, PMI and assessments. The Agent can request flyers straight from their dashboard – and flyers can be built in minutes instead of hours.

No installation. No fees. No software. No waiting.

RatePlug is available to real estate agents as part of their existing MLS membership – there are no additional fees.  And, there is no hassle – meaning there’s no download or install required. For lenders, RatePlug is the most affordable way to reach thousands of active AND local home buyers for just $59 per month.

To get started, you simply create a RatePlug account, login and connect with your favorite agents. In just a few minutes, your agents will be able to view special finance options available for their listings (FHA, VA, USDA, etc.), and quickly request open house property fliers customized with affordability information that uses your rates and products customized to each listing.

Independent research has found that agents sell more properties faster using RatePlug simply by offering affordability metrics in a manner a buyer can understand – the total monthly payment for each property viewed including special financing options, real estate taxes, insurance and HOA.