RatePlug Usage Tip – Talk it up!

Create a team mentality with your Agents

You have partnered with your Agents to help their homebuyers with home affordability using RatePlug displays and flyers through our automated system. You are actively responding to the automated activity alerts that you receive regarding your Agents new listings and open houses. Automation is great, but our system is so automated for Agents that sometimes out of sight means out of mind. Don’t forget to keep an active discussion going with your Agents to REMIND them of how RatePlug is helping their buyers.

Share usage stats on how many buyers are viewing the information

Collaborate on a strategy for new listings and open house marketing

Make sure they are proactively telling their buyers to use the payment displays

Remind them how special financing programs can entice interest in a property

These interactions will strengthen your working relationships and validate your investment in RatePlug.

To share RP stats and the benefits your partnership provides, log into your account and click on the support link in the upper right-hand corner. Log into your account here.