Three Types of Open House Real Estate Flyers

There is no shortage of downloadable open house real estate flyers that lenders and real estate agents can use. Some are basic and free, others look professional and include fill in the blank features, but cost money. Regardless of whether or not you are marketing a single property or multiple properties with open house flyers or listing description flyers, here are the top 3 features of an open house flyer.

Compliance-Friendly Open House Flyers, Real Estate Flyers & Templates

Some downloadable open house real estate property flyers and brochures are time consuming to create. They also carry a number of compliance risks. There are many trigger terms to be aware of that could pose a compliance risk. Generally, flyers that discuss FHA, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and conventional loans must be checked for compliance with REG Z guidelines. Before you publish or distribute anything that you found on the Internet, make sure to review it with your compliance office. Or, before you download, make sure you’re working with a compliant open house real estate flyer service before including any monthly payment estimates or special financing considerations in your flyers.

Free Open House Real Estate Flyers & Templates

Open house real estate listing flyers are critical in the promotion of your property listing and as such, there are numerous free real estate flyers available to download. If cost is a concern, free templates are a no-brainer. However, some downloadable templates take time to build and, without a review by your compliance officer, there is generally a risk of using templates that have not been approved.  

Dynamically-Generate an Open House Flyer

Instead of a downloadable template, many opt to use dynamically-generated real estate flyer that pull information dynamically from the MLS. These systems generally include the appropriate compliance language, records retention and other safeguards.  

Why Download or Pay for Open House Property Flyers?

RatePlug – the leading property marketing system that is integrated with the MLS system – is available at no additional cost to real estate agents. Simply connect your lenders in RatePlug and you can request an open house real estate flyer immediately. For agents, RatePlug includes a dynamic real estate property flyer system that includes accurate, interactive mortgage product and payment information specific to every property you list. RatePlug’s property flyer system is included with your MLS membership. Simply request a flyer from your trusted agents and you’ll have one in minutes. RatePlug’s Open House Property Listing Flyers are dynamically generated from the MLS listing.