How does a RESPA compliant co-marketing program work?

When RESPA compliant co-marketing programs work, they can pay big dividends for both the lender and agent.

Frequent communication and a clear understanding of the co-marketing partnership as a whole ensures the ability to set the appropriate business expectations. With the proper co-marketing program in place, two or more parties can work on a project together, doing less work for more sales.

A successful co-marketing program is one that is built on transparency: direct lender-agent communication housed in a single area with the ability to make any adjustments to your professional information should the need arise. RatePlug’s co-marketing platform brings mortgage transparency to the home buying process, allowing lenders and agents to work together and communicate to buyers affordability estimates at the very beginning of the home buying process.

What type of content should I use in RESPA compliant co-marketing programs?

Generally speaking, if any person could possibly be deceived by the message of your mortgage marketing program, don’t include it. It’s important to outline who is providing the service—especially if that service is free and coming from the lender.

The foundation of RatePlug was based on the aggregation and display of accurate lender rates, APR’s, and disclaimers within our agent dashboard. The participating lender inputs and controls all the rate and program information displayed. RatePlug’s development team, legal advisers and a vast network of national lenders ensure that we are aware of the latest regulatory rulings. We have painstakingly made every effort to adhere to all regulatory guidelines – receiving national approval for compliance with REG Z, TILA-RESPA, TRID and other important mortgage marketing regulations.