FAQ: How does RatePlug work for Lenders?

1) What is RatePlug? RatePlug is the leading mortgage marketing platform and the only MLS integrated technology platform that connects agents, home buyers, and loan originators. Originators become directly integrated within the local MLS. RatePlug connects originators via their agent relationships with every property listed in the MLS. When agents connect with lenders to participate […]

How do I get my agents to participate in RatePlug?

We are pleased to announce a new feature for RatePlug users! In an effort to cut back on paper forms and expedite the process of getting agents affiliated to your account more efficiently, we have built a new electronic invitation. Now you can get your agents to participate in RatePlug with you through a simple […]

Are custom real estate property flyers included with my MLS membership?

Do I need to keep paying for custom real estate property fliers? When you enroll with RatePlug, you can create custom real estate property flyers – no credit card needed – as part of your current MLS membership. With custom real estate property flyers generated straight from the MLS, you can highlight property features and […]

Mortgage Marketing: How can I increase first time buyer mortgage leads?

How can I increase first time buyer mortgage leads? A new mortgage lead generation report from Google + Chase Bank shows that first-time homebuyer searches is higher than it has ever been. So far in 2017, first-time homebuyers represent 44% of Google searches in the mortgage category, up 11% from last year. As a result, […]

Mortgage Marketing FAQ: How can I get more millennial mortgage leads?

Want more millennial mortgage leads? According to a recent report from Google + Chase Bank, first-time homebuyers now represent 44% of Google searches in the mortgage category, up 11% from last year. The vast majority of these first time buyers are millenials. Now in the financial position to make a decision about when and where […]

Mortgage Marketing FAQ – How can I increase VA mortgage leads?

Want more VA mortgage leads? A VA loan is a mortgage loan in the United States guaranteed by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The loan may be issued by qualified lenders. The VA loan was designed to offer long-term financing to eligible American veterans or their surviving spouses (provided they do not […]

How do I find USDA mortgage leads?

Looking for USDA mortgage leads? A USDA home loan is a zero down payment mortgage for eligible rural and suburban homebuyers. USDA loans are issued through the USDA loan program, also known as the USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Housing Loan Program, by the United States Department of Agriculture. On October 1st, 2016, the USDA Upfront […]

Should I buy mortgage marketing leads?

Before you buy mortgage marketing leads, be sure you are focusing on targeted mortgage leads, and make sure you understand the best practices for mortgage marketing. Here are a number of tactics you can employ to increase your mortgage lead generation without spending a penny on purchased leads: Research audience searches Start putting yourself in the […]

What Should I Know About Mortgage Lead Generation Compliance?

The regulatory environment within the real estate industry is changing fast, and mortgage professionals must be on top of the changing laws. Mortgage companies and loan officers often augment their marketing efforts through mortgage lead purchasing. Loan originators must be aware of the regulatory implications of these types of lead generation activities. The number of […]

How can I increase VA loan volume?

Q. Want to increase VA loan volume? A. With the average loan amount at $253,000, the 2016 VA lending volume hit $179.1 billion — with a majority of the growth coming from purchase loans (as opposed to refinancing). VA Loans are easier to obtain because they are government backed, and do not require private mortgage […]

MLS for Lenders – As a lender, how can I use the MLS?

Q. Is there an MLS for Lenders? A. When it comes to interaction within the MLS, mortgage lenders are not necessarily involved with the process, nor do they always understand the power this technology can provide to their business. In fact, most lenders completely overlook the MLS because it is, after all, a tool for […]

What is RatePlug?

Q. What is RatePlug and what can RatePlug do for me? A. RatePlug is the most comprehensive and affordable home purchase finance opportunity generator for lenders. Ask any successful LO, and they’ll tell you: “no other marketing platform is as affordable or generates as many new mortgage opportunities as RatePlug.” In fact, in 2016, RatePlug […]

What is the price for RatePlug?

Q. What is the price of RatePlug?  Can you afford RatePlug? A. The best way to market to active buyers is via the MLS. With RatePlug – the leading mortgage marketing platform – your picture, logo, and contact information are right there in the property description the buyers have as they tour the property. It’s like you’re […]

How does RatePlug work?

RatePlug is a complete home loan marketing platform that helps you generate more opportunities direct from your agent’s MLS listings. In 2016, RatePlug displayed loan rates on more than 115 million MLS property listings. The best way to market is via the MLS. With RatePlug, your picture, logo, and contact information are right there in the property description […]

Help Me Understand RatePlug’s New Home Finance Lead Quality

Q. I’ve heard that RatePlug has the best method for generating new mortgage leads in the industry. Can you tell me more about RatePlug’s home finance lead quality? A. According to Realtor Magazine, 74% of homebuyers consider the mortgage company referred by their agent. When your current rates are available within the MLS listing, it’s […]

Tips to maximize your RatePlug subscription

Q. I’m new to the mortgage industry, how do I maximize my RatePlug subscription? A. RatePlug is committed to working with the highest quality lenders that are excited about generating new business. If you’d like help deciding if you are a good fit for RatePlug’s Loan Officer Co-Marketing, Advertising, Listing Promotion, Flyer System and Referral […]

How to Qualify for a Mortgage Relationship Rate

What is a Mortgage Relationship Rate? A relationship rate is typically offered to existing customers as a way to keep your business with the lender. To give you an incentive the lender may offer a lower interest rate and/or assist in paying part of the closing costs. Hopefully, you are in good standing with the […]