Manage real estate agent relationships at scale.

Manage real estate agent relationships at scale.

Are you focused on increasing your purchase volume? Are you searching for a 100% compliant solution to build and strengthen relationships with real estate agents at scale?

Thousands of agents and their lending partners trust RatePlug to answer the question every home buyer asks: “can I afford that home?”

Whether you drive volume through a field organization or a call center, RatePlug connects you directly into the platforms your agents use to communicate with their home buyers. This exposure increases your capture and conversion rates and helps your lenders build stronger agent relationships at scale.

RatePlug offers additional capabilities for driving revenue, improving automation, generating open house flyers, ensuring compliance, and measuring and managing the productive activities of your team. Want to learn more? Explore RatePlug’s features today.

By helping your agents understand the “affordability” of the mortgage in terms of monthly PITI (principal, interest, taxes, and insurance) as well as HOA and other recurring costs, agents can better educate homebuyers and help them search for homes that fit within their DTI. This better qualifies lenders and protects your LOs from wasting time on applications that will get denied. To learn more, get in touch.

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