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RatePlug for brokers lets you display and control affiliated Lender’s mortgage payment and branding information within the property listings that your agents send to homebuyers. Completely compliant with all regulations.

  • This FREE Program for Agents provides Homebuyers: Live, interactive mortgage payment information based on accurate Interest rates, property taxes, insurance and assessments for each property listing they view (See Sample Below).
  • Homebuyers spend more time viewing property listings (approximately 6.5 minutes per property).
  • Brokers will increase customer exposure to their in-house lender and increase mortgage leads, while offering a value-added service to their Agents.
  • Brokers can display their affiliated Lender(s) and/or allow Agents to choose their own lending partners (up to 3).
  • New, Property Flyer System (PFS) Now when a NIRA Agent lists a property within the MLS system, a detailed open house flyer can be quickly generated and sent to agent via e-mail. See Property Flyer Sample

The screenshot below is an example of how RatePlug may display within Rapattoni. The layout of the property information and location and type of RatePlug displays and links will vary depending on the MLS System that is used to generate the report. Click through the TBD link below in order to see a live demo. You can then enter the Estimated Sales Price and Down Payment and hit calculate to see RatePlug in action.

***This is a sample of a RatePlug display. Rate and mortgage information is for illustration purposes only.

NIRA Screen Shot