Close 15% Faster with RatePlug

It's Included With Your MRED Membership

RatePlug gives homebuyers live, accurate mortgage payment information from your preferred lenders and also notifies the buyer if the property is eligible for special financing. This information helps to qualify more buyers and close deals faster. Showing rates from your lenders helps to ensure that buyers are getting financing from someone you trust.

*Loan Officers are required to pay a license fee to be displayed

RatePlug Places Live Payment Calculators on Your MRED Listings

RatePlug's accurate monthly cost-to-own estimates are customized with rates and products from your personal lenders. And there is no cost to you to activate RatePlug. It is already included with your MRED subscription. Simply activate RatePlug to get started.

Payment Calculator
Custom Real Estate Flyers

Custom Real Estate Flyers Included

When you list a new property on MRED, RatePlug also allows you to create custom flyers that display your lenders mortgage information.

Not Just Another Loan Calculator

Unlike typical mortgage calculators, RatePlug leverages the full property details, and your lender's real rates and products. It also accounts for special financing like USDA -- Zero Down Payment, VA and FHA loan eligibility. This means homebuyers get an accurate cost and are more likely to be well qualified buyers when they contact you.

Loan Calculator

RatePlug Advantages

  • Accurate costs and special financing options help you close sales faster
  • No worries about sending buyers to lenders you don't know
  • RatePlug payment calculator is automatically displayed on your MLS listings
  • Create custom flyers with estimated loan payments from your lenders
  • All compliance handled by the RatePlug system
  • There is no cost to you to activate or use RatePlug

Dynamic FHA Information at Your Fingertips

For approved MLS markets and Associations of Realtors, RatePlug has streamlined access to FHA approved condominiums. For each condominium listing, agents can click through to see the eligibility report.

If the condominium listed is FHA approved and eligible, RatePlug displays valuable information never before available such as:

• Owner occupancy percentage
• Percentage of FHA loans within the association
• Number of Units in the association
• Decertification date
• Maximum FHA loan amount
• Legal name of the association
• If the FHA loan on the unit is assumable

FHA Eligibility