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1) What is Rateplug?
RatePlug is the leading mortgage marketing platform and the only MLS integrated technology platform that connects agents, home buyers, and loan originators. Originators become directly integrated within the local MLS.
RatePlug connects originators via their agent relationships with every property listed in the MLS. When agents connect with lenders to participate in RatePlug, the result is the 4 bedroom 2.5 bath home isn't only $225,000. It's $1,375.87 per month including principal, interest, taxes, and HOA. It's your current products and rates that are used to calculate affordability. Your picture, logo, and contact information are right there on the property description the buyers have as they tour the property.
2) How do I learn more about RatePlug’s features and benefits?
All the features and benefits of RatePlug’ s mortgage marketing platform are explained on our website. For more information, please visit:
In short, with RatePlug, LOs say It's like you're there when buyers say "let's make an offer".
RatePlug also displays special financing prequalification for all properties listed within the MLS. Agents now have a dashboard that identifies what properties qualify for FHA, VA, and USDA, programs. Originators who offer these programs have a significant advantage over the competition and strengthen their agent relationship.
3) What types of plans does RatePlug offer?
RatePlug offers a variety plans and subscriptions for all types of originators. From the solo LO to the nation's largest mortgage lender, RatePlug has a plan that meets your needs. There are plans optimized for office affiliations, call centers, branch, and corporate operations. Individual and centralized management of rates and products offer the option of market driven flexibility or managed control. RatePlug is very affordable, plans start at about what you'd pay for a daily cup of coffee. You can view RatePlug pricing here.
4) How do my rates and programs get updated and who will do this function?
RatePlug provides an online Rate Matrix where you simply login and update as rates change. When it comes to mortgage marketing, it couldn't be simpler; it only takes a few minutes to be up to date. Larger lender organizations often prefer to have centralized rate management for all originators. For these firms RatePlug offers a streamlined interface that allows the management and administration of rates and products across a team or across the country.
5) How many mortgage programs does the RatePlug system display?
RatePlug supports an unlimited amount of programs, however no more than 12 may be simultaneously displayed.
6) If I have 10 agents, do I have to input my rates and programs 10 different times?
No. RatePlug updates all agents automatically.
7) How many mortgage programs does the RatePlug system display?
RatePlug supports an unlimited amount of programs, however no more than 12 may be simultaneously displayed.
8) How long is the RatePlug contract?
RatePlug subscriptions are for one year. Additional billing options are often available, you should contact a RatePlug specialist to discuss the currently available options and promotions. For information about pricing on RatePlug’s mortgage marketing platform, please visit our LENDER home page.
9) How much does the program cost for a LO?
Visit our plans and pricing page or contact a RatePlug specialist to learn more.
10) Can I approach any Agent to get them signed up for RatePlug?
Yes, however the agent must be a member of the MLS to participate.
11) If one of my Agents decides to get out of the program, can I add a new Agent?
Yes, the new Agent may enroll online or you can provide an authorization form to email or fax to RatePlug at 630-848-1337.
12) How many property listings can I be displayed on?
There is no limit. When your agent provides an MLS/RatePlug property listing to a homebuyer, your information will be displayed. Your connected agent need not be the listing agent to display your affordability calculation, rates, and or products on the property descriptions.
13) Will I be the only LO/Lender displayed on the Agent's listings?
That is at the agent's discretion. An agent may select up to three to be displayed on a single property.
14) Do you have any marketing material that I can take out to Agents to see if they would like to sign up?
Yes. you can generate a flyer that is for agents to distribute, you can email or hand delivery. You can learn more about RatePlug’s property listing flyers here or here.
15) What is the cost to the agent?
There is no additional cost for an agent to enroll, RatePlug is offered through the MLS as part of the agent's membership dues.
16) Is RatePlug RESPA compliant?
Yes, RatePlug is fully FTC-MAP. TRID, RESPA, TILA compliant. You can read about RatePlug’s compliance program here.
17) How do my Agent's sign up?
There are two methods. Agents can enroll by logging into their MLS system, or at by choosing their MLS and selecting the 'sign up' link.
18) How often do I have to update my rates?
To guarantee the integrity of the rates we provide to homebuyers, RatePlug requires an update or timestamp of rates at least once every 5 business days.
19) Do I have to download software on our computers to use the RatePlug Program?
No. RatePlug is the top mortgage marketing software but it is hosted in the cloud. No download or install is required and can be accessed from anywhere an internet connection is available.
20) What if my rates are not as competitive as other lenders?
RatePlug is unlike advertising platforms where originators compete and tire kickers shop. RatePlug is an entirely different mortgage marketing platform because we use your information to calculate the representative monthly cost to acquire the property directly from the MLS listing. RatePlug is the only provider of this capability. Additionally, home buyers click through to see the rate and APR information you offer. RatePlug is designed to deliver massive exposure to the homebuyer early in the home buying process. Many originator have tens of thousands of views annually driven directly from RatePlug.
21) What is the main benefit to me from becoming a RatePlug lender?
  • There are several. The benefits we hear most often from the more than 180,000 agents and originators who use RatePlug are:
  • Contact to close is faster.
  • When home buyers have an understanding of monthly affordability they seek properties they are more likely to qualify for.
  • Originators increase their home purchase financing volume by 25% to 45%.
  • No need to have a separate flyer program.
  • RatePlug alerts for listings, open house, and contract pending, provide a jump on the competition.
  • Agents and originators build trust and long term mutually beneficial relationships.
22) Can I set up specialized products such as Balloons, Interest only ARMs, etc., to be displayed?
23) Is RatePlug compliant with the new FTC (MAP) guidelines?
RatePlug protects the lender and their Agents. RatePlug retains an image of every property flyer created, and every RatePlug display that a client may view for 6 years in compliance with FTC stipulated requirement for easy recovery by the lender should the need arise.
24) Do you have a step-by-step demo on how to access RatePlug in the MLS?
Yes, Click on the following link to view a demo on how to access RatePlug. MIAMI / RatePlug Integration Reference Guide