The principals of RatePlug, LLC have extensive and successful experience over 30 years in the financial services field in America, with an emphasis on mortgage-related services.

Our group founded the first licensed mortgage broker in Illinois in 1982 and pioneered the development of the brokerage business in Illinois. Our experience in mortgage origination has involved serving thousands of Realtors, and we are very familiar with the importance of this profession to the home buying and mortgage needs of their clients. We have worked with banks of all sizes, including many of the largest national banks.

Origins of RatePlug

As lenders, we came to know the challenge of developing a productive relationship between mortgage lenders and Realtors. We also realized that mortgage lending is a decentralized industry in America, with many thousands of originators seeking loan referrals from Realtors. Mortgage lending is also an undifferentiated activity, characterized by interest rate parity among lenders.

With these understandings, our mission was to create a company that would build a totally different relationship between Lenders and Realtors – one that fostered a superior, positive and supportive working relationship.

RatePlug is not a mortgage company, but it was formed by people who know the mortgage field specifically as it relates to working with Realtors. RatePlug is designed to bring a unique capability to Realtors and an innovative way for Lenders to dramatically increase mortgage loan production through the Realtor channel.