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GLVR Brokers - Empower Your Homebuyers!

RatePlug for brokers lets you display and control affiliated Lender´┐Żs mortgage payment and branding information within the property listings that your agents send to homebuyers. Completely compliant with all regulations.

  • This FREE Program for Agents provides Homebuyers: Live, interactive mortgage payment information based on accurate Interest rates, property taxes, insurance and assessments for each property listing they view (See Sample Below).
  • Homebuyers spend more time viewing property listings (approximately 6.5 minutes per property).
  • Brokers will increase customer exposure to their in-house lender and increase mortgage leads, while offering a value-added service to their Agents.
  • Brokers can display their affiliated Lender(s) and/or allow Agents to choose their own lending partners (up to 3).
  • New, Property Flyer System (PFS) Now when a GLVR Agent lists a property within the MLS system, a detailed open house flyer can be quickly generated and sent to agent via e-mail. See Property Flyer Sample